Universal Viewer

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For sure that more that once you have thought that it would be very easy to work if there existed any application that could open all kind of files. You are not the one who have ever thought it, and here you are the proof: Universal Viewer.

Universal Viewer (also known as ATViewer) is an application that can play, view or read any kind of file, no matter of its extension.

It allows you to view text files, binaries, hexadecimal, image, video, sound, web, unicode or RTF/UTF-8. All this from a simple and easy-to-use interface that clearly shows all controls we need.

One of the advantages given by Universal Viewer is that we will be able to open files we don't know the format or the program we need to open them, so we will save time and headaches.

If you need an application for all your file, Universal Viewer will not disappoint you.
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